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Genolve WordPress Plugin (Beta)

Bring eye popping scalable vector graphics (SVG) to your website! The Genolve SVG Toolkit is the safest, most complete and easiest way to start using SVG on WordPress:

  • Safe because all the SVG comes from a Genolve, a trusted source.
  • Set stunning SVG backgrounds for the full page, headers, footers or any div area.
  • Make a custom featured image for a blog post right from your WordPress admin section and the image gets saved straight to Media.
  • Grab copyright-safe images from WikiCommons or Pixabay.
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO.
  • Old browsers that do not support SVG fall back to the image version or the original background.

Download Plugin

To get started, first register, then return to this page and find the download link here

Not Using WordPress?

Tell us which CMS you are using here: contact us. We'll tally the responses and the CMS with the most votes will get the next plugin.

Let Your Users Make Custom Designs on Your Site

The WordPress plugin lets the WordPress administrator use the Genolve Javascript API. However, it is relatively easy to bring this capability directly to your users. Some examples:

  • Say your site is SoundCloud or BandCamp, the Genolve API could be integrated into the site such that your users never leave your site to create their album cover.
  • Say your site is Meetup.com, the Genolve API could let your users make an event coverphoto when posting the event.


Contact us if interested in this solution for your website.


Photosensitive Epilepsy Warning

If you suffer from Photosensitive Epilepsy do not use this site or plugin! This site generates random animated patterns that could accidentally trigger seizures.