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Happy Darwin Day!

February 12 is Darwin's 210th birthday! Celebrate and show your support for the theory of evolution and science by making a special edition Darwin Day card.

This is no ordinary card, it uses evolving shapes; you breed designs like you might breed race horses. Click any shape, say a heart, and Genolve generates evolutionary variations that may change color, pattern, orientation or animation. Some changes are small, others are impressively big. If you don't get the desired design, select the one you like best and let Genolve evolve something new. After a few iterations you usually find what you are after. View the simple animated explanation or the more technical quick introduction to grammatical evolution. Find out more about Darwin or other Darwin Day events.


How to Send

Select a design here and click . Customize it by changing backgrounds, stickers or text. When done click "Save" and look for the share buttons.

Happy Evolving!


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Bring Evolving Shapes on Your Website

Genolve is launching a WordPress plugin that brings evolving shapes to your website. It uses the same interface used to make the Darwin Day cards above. Find out more.

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