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Evolve Your Website for Darwin Day

Feb. 12 is Darwin's 210th birthday and Genolve is holding a contest to evolve your website. With Genolve, you breed designs like you might breed race horses. Click any shape, say a heart, and Genolve generates evolutionary variations that may change color, pattern, orientation or animation. Some changes are small, others are impressively big. If you don't get the desired design, select the one you like best and let Genolve evolve something new. After a few iterations you usually find what you are after.

This competition also marks the launch of the Genolve Toolkit; a WordPress plugin that manages the interface from your website to Genolve. If you don't have a WordPress website, you can still have fun making a Valentine's Card or try the evolution demo.

To participate:

  • Download and install the Genolve WordPress SVG Toolkit. Only WordPress is supported at this time.
  • Do something cool, beautiful or sublime on your site like this.
  • Submit your site by Tweeting the URL with hash tags #DarwinDay and @genolve from now until midnight on Darwin Day (if you don't use Twitter email us).

There are two categories: backgrounds and featured image. Please contact us if you need help or have problems using the plugin.

What's In It For You?

Each entry gets retweeted twice and we follow you. You also get a FREE one-year Premium Membership. This is a great opportunity to improve your site and get publicity for it! If you win, your site will be promoted on social media and featured prominently on the Genolve home page for one month.

Happy Evolving!


Why does Genolve care about Darwin Day?

Darwin is famous for his ground-breaking theory of evolution. Behind the scenes, Genolve uses simulated evolution to generate new designs. Generate + Evolve = Genolve. View the simple animated explanation or the more technical quick introduction to grammatical evolution. February 12 is also Genolve's birthday - Genolve was launched on Darwin Day 2014.

Find out more about Darwin or other Darwin Day events.

The newest creations:

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