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DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and ChatGPT all work together to help you make things. Create a Facebook cover photo, make an album cover, a webpage banner or animate on scroll effect for your website. Click any design to make one like it, everything can be customized: change the text, color, stickers or backgrounds. FREE AI CREDITS to hit the ground running. Use our WordPress AI image generator plugin to bring all these features right to your site with seamless work-flows.

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About Genolve's Own AI

Genolve is a portmanteau of generate and evolve. Behind the scenes Genolve uses the power of simulated evolution to generate new shapes, patterns and colors. Breed shapes just like you might breed race horses. If you don't see the desired design, just click the one you like best and let Genolve evolve something new. Genolve simulates some simplified but key components from biological evolution; crossover and mutation. View a simple animated explanation with unicorn svg and dinosaur svg or if that is kid stuff, try the snowflake svg and star svg. For a more technical explanation, try the quick introduction to grammatical evolution. The actual shapes are in a format called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which means you can change size without loosing resolution. It is the full SVG 1.2 spec. This format can be directly used in many places including the web.

New Premium Members

Premium Members have access to additional features and benefits including interactions. Here are the newest Premium Members:

  • Debam - These graphics are all for my site Sapience2112 which documents and shares new myths rising about our time for we (all people of Earth) are the myth-makers…the New Ancients Earth needs to survive the current challenges facing our time.

  • kkacher - The SMART Workplace can help organizations, teams and individuals be agile in a distributed and hybrid workplace. We specialize in return to office strategies and hybrid team operations.

  • lifebalance - LifeBalance Solutions’ health, wellness, and well-being workshops are a great way to support employee’s mental health though the pandemic recovery and beyond. Our wide selection of topics can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

  • Cez - Hope you like my memes!

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Genolve OpenSource

To access WikiQuote or WikiMedia in your own project, try these:
WikiQuote API and GUI
WikiMedia API and GUI

Train your own AI Critic:
NIMA Pytorch Aesthetic Critic


The Imports

Special thanks to these sites for some shapes/fonts that were imported:

Shape Site License
Various icons from
MIT License
Patterns from Philip Rogers and Lea Verou MIT License
OpenClipart Public Domain
Jarda Public Domain
Example photo: dhilung Creative Commons
Awesome image filters from WebPlatform's Mike Sierra Creative Commons
Awesome text filters from Smashing Magazine's Dirk Weber Creative Commons

Photosensitive Epilepsy Warning

If you suffer from Photosensitive Epilepsy do not use this site or plugin! This site generates random animated patterns that could accidentally trigger seizures.