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DALL-E 3/Midjourney/Stable Diffusion

Access all your favorite text-to-image generators from one interface. Variations, inpainting and outpainting, prompt history - all the features you expect. Grab free stock images from Pixabay or Wikimedia for more inpainting options.

Feature-Packed Toolkit

Leverage your images with built-in tools to create slideshows, collages, text overlays or apply masks and image filters. Add click interactions, animate-on-scroll or standard looping slider animations.

Unique designs
Unique Designs

Every shape or style you use is unique on the web. Genolve uses evolving shapes; whenever you click on a shape, new variations of that shape are automatically generated.

Gutenberg Blocks

Image Block - create AI Images right from the image block.
Ornate Separators - a Layout Block with thousands of design variations.

evolved at I SLEEP BETTER I FEEL INCREDIBLE MY ENERGY LEVELS ARE THROUGH THE ROOF WHEN I USE GENOLVE! chef grills steaks on a flaming hibachi grillon airliner in front of seated passengers Attractive athletic woman in jumpsuitrunning from angry mammoth In lush jungle a Bengal tiger stalkingsmall deer drinking from a pond all madefrom origami Elf queen in style of lotr wearing reflectivesilver dress riding in a saddle on a giantwhite stoat on snowy rocky landscape Front view of a slim beautiful girl wearing afuturistic white jumpsuit standing on a paddleboarding on a glowing lava flow Enchanted waterfall with exotic birds flyingover, trending on artstation A sexy woman wearing deerskin is riding awoolly rhino in a snow storm, trending onartstation Ascent 3:21, by: Jon Luc Hefferman, album: Production Music
Get this on your site with the Genolve WordPress Plugin evolved at
Download Plugin

In WordPress go to: plugins -> Add New -> search 'genolve'
Then automatically get API Key or register to get it manually


ChatGPT needs no introduction. It is integrated into Genolve's text layer. Use it whenever needed, some ideas:

  • Grammar-check some text you are writing.
  • Generate text for ads, product descriptions, quotes, more.
  • Generate ASCII art; try: 'make some ASCII art for a tiger'
  • Generate emojis; try: 'Translate to emojis: I'm going to the movies then to the club'

To use what ChatGPT generates, just click it. You can of course edit it if needed.


DALLE-3 is from OpenAI, the same company behind ChatGPT. The name is a play on the artist Salvador Dali. It was the first text-to-image generator using Diffusion Models to break on the scene in late 2022. Diffusion Models are thermodynamics-inspired and gradually turn completely random noise into a picture. DALL-E 3 specifically uses a modified Guided Language for Image Diffusion (GLIDE). It is also known for precisely generating exactly what you describe. DALL-E 2 excels at inpainting and is great for editing stock photos to fit your use case.

Stable Diffusion

The Stable Diffusion process was developed by It released the model in open source and now a lot of companies offer variations and improvements on the original model. Genolve uses the newest models from which has fast generation, low cost, aspect ratios and negative prompting.


The most stunning text-to-image generator is Midjourney. They also use stable diffusion but have refined and trained their model to perfection. A big advantage of using Midjourney through Genolve is that you pay only for what you use (Midjourney charges a monthly fee) and all your images are in stealth mode (on Midjourney everyone can see your images unless you have the expensive plan). Note that Midjourney currently does not support inpainting and it often does not exactly follow your prompt descriptions.

Plugin Features

Free AI Credits

Free credits for about 100 images when you Tweet a creation you've made, details here!

At Cost

You pay the posted rates as if you used the models directly from the AI model creator; DALL-E 3,, Midjourney

In-Out-Painting and Variations

Touch up your own images or stock photos using a brush to add new details or remove unwanted objects. There is a button to make variations of any image that is close but not quite perfect.


ChatGPT is at your fingertips to help generate ads, product descriptions, proofread text or generate quotes.

Free Stock Images and Video

Grab copyright-safe images from sources like WikiCommons or Pixabay. WikiCommons has millions of images while Pixabay has a curated high-quality selection.


Mask your AI images with a large library of SVG masks or overlay your images with stickers like arrows, text bubbles, emojis, watermarks, etc. or immediatly use tile images in a background.

Falling Snow

Add falling snow, hearts, confetti, leaves, falling-anything when visitors first visit your site. Great for holidays.

Flexible Backgrounds - Beta

Set SVG backgrounds, including animated backgrounds, for the full page, headers, footers or any div area. Works with any theme.

Automatic Featured Image

When you make a slideshow, you can also generate a featured image that shows in social media posts. Note that you may need an SEO plugin that sets the proper meta tags to have your featured image post on social media. Genolve is compatible with all the popular WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast.

Interactive Slideshows

Premium Members can make slideshows fully interactive with buttons or game-like interactions powerful enough to construct a Rube Goldberg machine.

Try It Out Now

The interface used in WordPress is the same one used on this site. Try making a featured image or banner webpage. Customize it by changing backgrounds, stickers or text. See the tutorials below for ideas on what you can make.

Warning, It's Fun

Using this plugin will make working on your website fun! You may spend more time than needed or find excuses to improve an already good site. You may find it hard to resist the urge to go overboard with animations.

Not Using WordPress

We can custom-install the plugin on most sites (you need full admin control of your site, contact us to verify. Additional installation fees may apply).