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Genolve WordPress Plugin

Stand out from the crowd, bring eye-popping graphics and animations to your website! The Genolve plugin is the safest, most complete and easiest way to start using SVG on WordPress. See plugin features and advantages below:

Flexible Backgrounds

Set SVG backgrounds for the full page, headers, footers or any div area. Works with any theme.

Social media

Make a custom 'featured image' for any page that displays perfectly when shared on Twitter or Facebook. No more worrying about proper sizing. When you choose 'featured image' you know it will post perfectly.


You NEED an SEO plugin that sets the proper meta tags to have your featured image post on social media. Genolve is compatible with all the popular WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast.

Blog Graphics

Choose 'blog graphic' for custom sized images. Make a custom sized graphic to perfectly complement your blog text.


You may have heard it is not safe to use SVG on WordPress. This is because unlike images, SVG can include scripts which could be unsafe. Genolve vets every single SVG you get. Genolve is a trusted, safe source for your SVG.


All SVG is highly optimized and compressed for fast load times.

Wide Selection

Genolve has the largest selection of evolving shapes on the web. Whenever you click on a shape, new variations of that shape are automatically generated.


Editing tool gets images from the WordPress media library or you can grab copyright-safe images from online sources like WikiCommons or Pixabay. WikiCommons has millions of images while Pixabay has a curated high-quality selection.


WOW your visitors with SVG animation. Many shapes have self-contained animations or set up standard slider-type animations such as Fade-In, Zoom-In or Slide-In.


Quickly add holiday or seasonal flare without changing your theme. Just as quickly remove it after the holiday.


Old browsers that do not support SVG fall back to the image version or the original background.

Download Plugin

To get started, first register, then reload to this page and find the download link here

Try It Out Now

The interface used in WordPress is the same one used onsite. Try a featured image or holiday graphic and click . Customize it by changing backgrounds, stickers or text. Now imagine doing it on WordPress with access to your media library.


Not Using WordPress?

Tell us which CMS you are using here: contact us. We'll tally the responses and the CMS with the most votes will get the next plugin.

Let Your Users Make Custom Designs on Your Site

The WordPress plugin lets the WordPress administrator make custom graphics, however, it is easy to bring this capability directly to your own users. Some examples:

  • Your site is SoundCloud or BandCamp, the Genolve API lets your users create an album cover in seconds.
  • Your site is Meetup.com, the Genolve API lets your users make an event coverphoto when posting the event.


Please contact us if interested in this solution for your website.



Using this plugin will make working on your website fun! You may spend more time than needed or find excuses to improve an already good site. You may find it hard to resist the urge to go overboard with animations.

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